Monday, April 8, 2013

Brand New Savings Blog

Decided to start a new blog sharing my world of savings and freebies! I've been freebie hunting for about 15 years now! Wow. I'll never forget my first freebie. I was 15 years old and a site that a friend and I used to hang out on emailed me and told me that I'd won a t-shirt and they needed my address. I was too young to understand that this could backfire on me at the time, so I just jotted down my address and sent it off. Sure enough in a few weeks my rather larger and ugly shade of orange t-shirt made it's way to my house. I was hooked! I started looking for freebies everywhere that I could after that and have found some crazy cool ones over the years. I've also had some surprises.

After I got a good handle on freebie hunting for awhile, I stumbled across a forum where people where talking about earning an income online. This pricked my curiosity and I started talking to as many people as I could about it. For awhile I was spending 12 hrs. a day doing the online income opportunities and was pulling in $40.00 a month from it. It's not much compared to real world jobs, but for a person that doesn't have a job anyhow, this really helps out a lot. The problem for me was spending all that time online so I have since learned to scale back my time and spread out what sites I earn on to give me a little more of a break. Don't earn that much anymore, but what I do earn helps me out a lot.

And then more recently I was dealing with a cut in my regular income and realized that so much as buying food and toiletries would be a challenge for me now. A friend on one of my sites recommended that I give couponing a try and I'm studying all I can about that so that I can use that as another income opportunity.

In my spare time I love to read, write, listen to music, go swimming, knit, and craft. Yes, I actually have spare time when all is said and done!

And I'd love to share my journey with you. If you like freebies and don't know where to start or you end up skipping lots of freebies because you don't think that they are relevant to you. If you want some extra income but you don't want to be spending all that extra time online and want to know your options. If you are curious how a non extreme couponer in training does it... well this is the place for you. Be prepared to see a lot of hauls! Just today I went to the Family Dollar store. I bought a pack of 3 plastic cups, a black maxi dress (love this because it's comfy, but I can wear it as a dressy dress should the occasion arise) some pretty earrings, and a ice pop set (my last ice pop set broke, and I live for this doodad during the Summer! This Summer I think I will fill it with water as an icy treat to cool off with when it get's hot). All in all I spent $20.00 dollars. That's a pretty good deal to me. I also share lots of off the wall tips on saving money and yes... I do share gizmos and gadgets that I find helpful and useful to getting through the days.

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