Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Family Dollar Clothes Buying Tips

As I mentioned in my last post I just bought a black maxi dress at The Family Dollar for $15.00! I like it because it is jersey type of material and I can wear it just because or I can add some nice jewelry and shoes to dress it up for a nice night out. Personally I feel like I have saved a lot of money if an outfit can be used for several types of occasions. Also, because I don't go places that require fancy clothes that often it would be silly of me to go out and buy an elaborate outfit that I won't even get the chance to wear once a year!

Check out the website here: http://www.familydollar.com/pages/home.aspx

Now, I love Family Dollar clothes, they are super cute, super cheap, and seem to last pretty well for the price. Also, they are one of the few places I know that doesn't try charging 2x as much for ugly clothes just because they are plus sized. But, there is a trick to getting clothes at Family Dollar. I have found that their clothes run on the small side.

For example I normally wear size 5 in shoes... though I usually get the kids version because they are made wider. But, when I tried on the size 5 shoes at Family Dollar they were way too small for me. 6's were too small for me as well. I have to wear a 7 in their shoes for them to fit right. But, they do have cute shoes. I have a pink pair of Converse look a likes from them that I have had many people drool when they saw. They also have nice sandals.

Another example is their shirts. Now normally I wear a 1X in shirts. But, if I'm looking for a shirt that fits longer on me and covers the top of my butt when I sit down I pick out a 2X. It fits a little baggy on my arms and loose around my stomach, but not so bad that it looks like I'm 5 and playing dress up with my Mother's clothing. I find that when I buy a shirt at Family Dollar I have to buy a 3X for the length and all around good fit.

The exception to this is when I bought my maxi dress, because I'm only 5 ft tall I have to go with the smallest size I can get away with on the maxi dress. For me that was a 1X. Because it's an empire waist dress It ends up working out for me.

Even with these tips it's also a good idea to have a very good idea what kinds of clothes look best on you. When you are in the store and you hold a shirt up to you and it doesn't seem like it will be the right length, even if you think that you are cheating the size charts by getting it bigger, it probably won't work for you. So, the biggest tip here, is to know yourself.

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