Saturday, May 11, 2013

My Favorite Earning Sites

It was suggested on one of the sites I earn a little extra money on that I share my favorite sites to earn some money on. Sadly a lot of the sites I go to have been doing a little revamping and some have completely changed so that you no longer can earn on their sites. It's sad because even though they were paying me for doing something I would mostly be doing anyhow, their site had the draw because they paid and now that is gone I've had to find other sites that do pay for the same thing. It's a little slow going, but I have a few lined up for anyone that is interested. And, yes, I will be using referral links for these sites. If you don't want to use me as a referral you can simply delete my referral code off the end of the URL, though I do ask that you consider giving me credit for this because it will help me out in earnings. Also, if you have referral links to any sites that I have not mentioned here, leave them in a comment and I will return the favor where it is at all possible! InstaGC is a new site that I have found. I used to go to Cashcrate for this sort of thing, but it took me 3 years to cashout for the minimum cashout of $20.00 on there! I'm not one to sit and wait around for a few offers to work out for me so that I can cashout every 3 years. So, this InstaGC seems to be a good fit for me. First off, you can cashout for only a dollar, though I'm not sure who is going to actually do that because $1 won't buy you much. It looks to be all paid in giftcards which might not be too awesome for some, but I'm happy to get a giftcard to Amazon to get a few things as a gift to myself when I can. 100 points will get you a $1 giftcard on Amazon, and I've been a member for 2 days and I'm already halfway there. I probably could be earning faster on here, but I'm taking a break to write this post and I also have been working on a few other sites as well. Bubblews is another site I just started. Friends from past sites that I trust and know would not lie to bump their earnings have all reported hefty earnings on this site. Now, for my bit of honesty: I don't have enough friends on THIS site to make a killing and it's all about your posts and your friends. Something I like about this site is your earnings are instant. I used to be a member on another site that decided to stop paying, even when they paid you had to wait 24 hours for your earnings to show up in your account and sometimes they wouldn't even show up, so I'm pretty happy with this site so far, I just need more friends. Hits4pay is the paid to view site that I'm using now. These types of sites are normally such slow earners that I never even attempt to get paid from each site more than once. Usually these sites will start you off with an amount to give you a headstart. This will help you get to your goal a little faster. It is still slow going and I would never recommend for anyone to make these kinds of sites main second income! There are many of these kinds of sites out there and when I make cashout on this site I will got to another. Mypoints doesn't have a referral link. If you want to help me out as a referral you can email me your email address and I can't email your referral to you. If not, then you can very easily just go to the site and sign up. I highly recommend that you sign up for this site one way or another. There are many, many opportunities to earn through this site, and even freebies available to earn more by signing up for. I suggest signing up for everything you can because there are more opportunities to earn that way. Of course there will be days that you will get unexpected surprises this way. One day I came home to find a blood sugar monitor sitting outside my door! Total surprise I did not expect it, but okay. Haha. In addition to this site, sign up for this is another site that I don't have a referral code for, but I can do a referral email. Or if you sign up and it asks who sent you always type in dismalgrin, that's my username for all of these sites. Anyway, bzzagent and mypoints go hand in hand for maximized earning potential. You get free stuff to try through bzzagent and they send the points you earn to mypoints. So you are getting paid to try free stuff. I have gotten makeup, razors, healthy chips, a free coffee mug, candy, the list goes on and on. Try the stuff, tell people about it, post reviews about it and get paid in points that get sent over to mypoints. Also mypoints pays you for every survey you attempt. You don't even have to complete it to get paid. Word of warning with mypoints. always figure in the 'pending' points. You might have 2,000 points in you account and be thinking you are getting a GREAT giftcard already, only to find out that only 900 of those points are not pending. Because of this I usually use mypoints to get giftcards to my pharmacy only. I don't even try to go after OldNavy giftcards or Target giftcards from them (as much as I would love to) because I only get giftcards to my pharmacy I use the giftcards to pay my copays on medications and it manages to stretch out enough that every time I can cashout I'm ready for another giftcard. I should have probably mentioned swagbucks first. I'm not very organized today. I have pretty much given up on google, bing, and yahoo altogether because of swagbucks. Well, okay, I use google on my phone still, though I'm planning on adding the swagbucks app to my phone and getting rid of google altogether. Swagbucks is a paid program based on top of the google search engine. This is the best I can explain it. You still get all the results that you would if you googled it, but you have the opportunity to earn every time you search. Will you earn every time? No, but that is still a lot better than earning NONE OF THE TIME... right? I will say in my 4 years of college I probably earned about 200 dollars just from doing research for papers. That is not including the other searches, the video watching, the surveys, the games and all that. Swagbucks is a hub of earning opportunities. I recommend keeping videos playing in the background when you are working on other things. It will help you earn easier. Also, there is an app for the smartphone users out there where it will play the videos on an endless loop until you have reached your limit for the day. This is even less work. I have an unlimited data plan on my cell phone, but I have limited full speed data. There are so many more informative videos out there for me to watch, so I don't use the swagbucks video app. If this is not an issue for you, then by all means use it! You can keep them playing anytime, anywhere and earn while doing anything! and I have posted these two links together because they are set up the pretty much the same. OO lets you cash out at 100 points for $10.00, and each survey pays about 5 to 10 points to complete. Though they also have some surveys for 20 points! You get paid to complete these surveys, if you don't qualify you don't get paid. SS lets you cash out at 1000 points for $10.00, but each survey completed is worth a lot more. I've completed surveys for 500 points with them before! With SS if you don't complete a survey you are entered in a drawing to win points anyhow. I have not won any points through them, but it is comforting to know that chance is always there and that not qualifying for a survey is not a complete waste of my time. More often than not you will qualify for surveys through these two websites. I like to cashout through paypal with both of these sites. Once in awhile I will cashout for an giftcard. Both are good options. There are other options too, I just have never used them. I don't often use quickrewards to be totally honest,  but I do like that I can cashout for 6 dollars if I want to. There are many earning opportunities through them, but they are so complicated for me to figure out so I only do the survey opportunities.

These are the sites I use the most right now, if things change in the future then I will update this information. Happy earning and good luck.

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