Tuesday, July 30, 2013

10 Things You Don't Know About Me

So, I currently have several projects planned in the not so distant future, but I thought that while we wait, this would be fun post to make.
1. I never went to school
I just like to tell it to people that way. The reality is that I was homeschooled from K-12th grade. I did go to college and got my AS in Medical Billing and Coding and my BS in Healthcare Management so that statement is not entirely true. But, it is still fun to make. 
2. I'm the oldest of seven children
Yikes! My parent's were 18 when they had me and 29 when they had my youngest sister. There are no twins in the lot of us. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Though we lost one brother 4 years ago to a drug overdose. I'll probably end up posting more about that at another time.
3. I'm such a nerd
All my life I thought there was something wrong with me for it. I tried so hard to change. Being normal just doesn't make me happy. I have read 32+ books this past month alone. I don't know how I find time to blog too. Or anything else that I enjoy doing. I guess where there is a will there is a way.
4. The most annoying thing I do to people is correct them.
I can't help it, I guess it has to do being a nerd. I drive everyone crazy with this and I've had to really keep control of myself with this. When Mike and I first got together and I would correct him on his speech he would tell me he had a speech impediment to make me feel sorry for him and stop. It worked for a bit until I figured out what was up. I try keep a hold of this habit, though.
5. I love festivals
I love going about the booths. And seeing all the wares people have brought. I especially like the ones people dress up for. At the Pagan Picnic this summer there were a lot of women in beautiful dresses of the renaissance style and I loved it. Some people dress weird for these types of events. But, I just look the other way. They are weird, but that doesn't mean I have to look.
6. I'm Pagan
Like this couldn't be derived from #5. Haha. Yes, I've been Pagan for 9 years now. Mike is not. I don't think that this is a strain on our relationship at all. Part of being Pagan is respecting other religious views. And Mike is not so much of any religion he just feels that there is something bigger than ourselves out there. We work very well together on that point.
7. I knit
I've been knitting since I was 8-years-old. My Granny taught me one day. Like most knitters I must report that my first project was a nightmare! Yikes, but I didn't give up and I do a lot better these days than I used you. I will be posting about my projects on here as well, as time goes on.
8. I'm a little Green
And by saying that I mean a little. Sometimes I'm more green than others and when that is so it's usually because I was broke and had to make do or I'm involved in a program that pays in cash or points for being Green. Either way, I try to do my best not to waste. Waste is a sin!
9. I've been blogging since I was 15
Yep, but not the same blog. In fact my first blog was a Christian based blog because that's the religion I grew up as. I don't even remember the name of it... but I have had lots of blogs over the years. Sometimes I had more readers than others. I've had to stop for a variety of reasons. Deleted from the server upset me the most. Haha. But, then I've also lost my voice before and didn't really know how to continue. I worked really hard to make this blog so that I don't have to worry about these pitfalls. Wish me luck!
10. I'm Bipolar
Why on earth would I admit that? I think that even with all the ups and downs I've had in life I am managing pretty well. Even with a mental illness that is a scary thing for lots of people and I want to let others out there know there is hope you can be 'normal' I slip a lot, but I take care of my stuff as well as I can and I'm doing pretty well.

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