Thursday, August 1, 2013

30 Day Challenge... This Should Be Fun

Okay, so I found this 30 day challenge thing, and I thought it might be fun to give a try. It will help my readers get to know a lot more about me and it will give me the opportunity to post without stress and work on the blog design and marketing aspect that still needs a lot of work! Yikes, I forgot how much work blogs were. Back in the day I just typed anything that came into my head and then 5 minutes after posting I'd be back at the computer typing whatever just came to my ahead again. My Mom used to always tell me to pace myself but I never saw the point. And now it's like I'm sitting here, going "Oh right! I do have to post, I can't just design." but all my head is filled with is the design stuff and I can't think what to post. No worries, I got this covered now. I'll do this 30 day challenge and then we shall go from there.

Also, tomorrow I'm supposed to pick up two new reviewing opportunities, so for those that missed my last giveaway (which is everyone) there will be at least one more coming up soon.

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  1. There are definitely times that all I want to do is designs or talking with other bloggers or arranging sponsorships. I have to remember that a blog isn't a blog without posts. ;-)


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