Monday, August 26, 2013

Clean, Clean, Clean!

I have a confession... my worst flaw in the world is I'm a messy person. I have never been able to get to the bottom of why, and maybe even if I did figure it out I would just use it as an excuse for why it's okay. I do know for one thing, I hate cleaning in the heat! My small apartment only has a window unit in my bedroom which is on one end of my apartment. So, the bathroom and the kitchen, on the other end get ignored for most of the Summer. Not cool! So, lately I've had this unusual spurt of energy for me and I've been cleaning my room. I folded up all my clothes that are a size or two too small and put them in plastic bins in my closet. I'm hoping to get a membership to the YMCA soon and it is almost time to move my TV and Wii back into the living room. When I do that I will be working out more too.

I've also been putting lots of stuff in bags to take to Goodwill. I'm trying to be ruthless on this one. For two reasons.

1. It seems that it is the biggest money waster of all to have stuff, stuff, and more stuff. I'm trying to stay on top of my finances. Either I can't find it and I have to repurchase it... or (as in the case with clothes) I spend all my money at the laundromat washing clothes I hate over and over because I'm suffering from a case of having nothing to wear!

2. When Mike and I do move in together we won't be able to afford a large place and his stuff is way cooler than my stuff, so I need to cull my stuff so it's not crowding out whatever place we do get with complete junk. Yuck.

Anyhow, so last night I spent a lot of time cleaning and I'm nowhere near done. But, I'll keep this up and maybe one day soon I'll be able to post some pictures of my apartment for you to oogle and feel sorry for me having such a small space! Haha

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