Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Am Leo... Roar!

Before I get into this I'm going to state that yes, I do place stock in what my sun sign is. No, I do not follow the horoscopes in magazines at at the grocery register. That stuff is made to be intentionally vague so that it fits everyone with that sun sign... truth is there is a lot more that should go into a horoscope than just your sun sign to make it true and unique to you. If done correctly, yes, it can give you some insight into your life... but then, life is meant to be taken one day at a time. I do consult the cards and use my pendulum, but in the end I'm here to learn life lessons and that can best be achieved by taking each day as it comes.

But, then, I'm a Leo. I was born a month early and was 5lbs at birth. Anyhow, if I was born when I was supposed to I would have been a Virgo. Many days I think that maybe I should have been a Virgo. I have some Virgo personality traits, but the facts cannot be ignored I fit being a Leo more.

Leos are known for acting like royalty. I have an added reason to be like that. Haha. My name means 'From the royal garden'. That and being the oldest kid of 7... power like that can go to your head.

It has been mentioned that most Leos have amazing hair. Naturally I do... but I spent many years under the mistaken idea that I had to shampoo with clarifying shampoo every single day. And then I have dyed, dyed, and redyed my hair so many times that my hair is rather damaged now. It is still very thick and rather long. But, it need some upkeep.

Leos desire to be loved. Check. Leos love as hard as they hate, um, yes! Good at presentation... Haha, not wonder I got such good grades in classes that required presentation even if I totally botched the assignment I pulled it off with flair!

Also, acting like a kid and being totally in love are other parts of my being a Leo.

The only thing that bothers me about the whole Leo thing is never is my boyfriend listed as a match for me. Oh well WHAT DO THEY KNOW!


  1. Kim, this is Brooklyn c: I stumbled upon your blog. This post in particular caught my eye. What you stated here about the stereotypical sun sign horoscopes is so true! I got intrigued when you said you feel more Virgo energy some times. So I cast your natural chart & found you have your moon, venues & mercury in Virgo! Also found it interesting your Jupiter is in Sagittarius which would explains why, out of all your sibling, you were the only one who sought out your spirit and connection to all things. I think that pretty cool !

  2. Wow, that is cool. I've never taken the time to write up my sun sign horoscope. I read how to do it once and it was making me so dizzy. I stick to my potions, cards, and meditations. Haha.

    1. Yeah it is a lot of information at once. Oh I've never made a potion before sound fun! I love tarot and mediating as well :)

      ps: I got a new email I as bored of the old one haha

    2. Potion making is fun, but it's a lot of work and research before hand. The last thing you want is to use the wrong herb with the wrong oil! Haha. Of course I do believe in the power of intent and I don't think the Goddess would punish me for making an honest mistake.


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