Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Day In Bullets

Oh don't be misguided here, I'm not doing this because my life is super exciting and noteworthy. I just decided to share a rough sketch here. And this is a little bit of a typical day, so even if you don't read this on the day at I wrote it don't worry... my day is probably not that much different.

11:00 am Yes, I sleep in this late. I haven't totally mastered the bipolar/medication thing when it comes to sleeping/waking. And I often toss and turn so much at night that I don't get up until late in the morning. If we even still call that morning.

12:00 pm By now, I've called Mike, taken my shower and picked out my clothes. All that stuff. So, I grab a bag of trash and head out to my car. The trash bin is behind the building and the car is to the side so I just do it all at once.

12:05 pm Yes, I get to Mike's house that fast. Usually I just get there and plop down in a chair with no intentions of doing anything for awhile.

1:00 pm Could not be that lucky! Haha. End up in Mike's car headed on an errand for his Mom. He works taking care of her. I tag along.

4:00 pm Spent the day running one errand after another. Finally back at Mike's house.

4:30 pm I'm working on my blog, I will do as much as I can.

7:00 pm Having just eaten dinner. Mike and I sit down to watch whatever shows are planned for tonight. And follow up with some Netflix.

11:00 pm I'm on my way home, you would think I would go to bed then, but I'm not usually that lucky.

2:00 am I'm still tossing and turning. I've tried many things to get back to sleep. I've tried video games, working on my BOS, knitting, blog planning, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest... oh the list goes on, but I'm still up.

3:00 am finally groggy enough to go to sleep, on a good day. This will all start again in the morning.

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