Monday, August 12, 2013

My Hopes For The Future

Thinking about my hopes for the future, I've always kind of just free form dreamed of my future... if you know what I mean. Anytime in the past when I let myself have solid dreams it seemed like everything would always blow up in my face. After a bit I just sort of learned to put on foot in front of the other in real life and in my dream life to just play pictures in my mind as I went of life would be like for me if everything were as I wanted it.

blah, blah, blah! Right? Anyhow, if I'm totally honest with myself I would have to say that budgeting has been such a way of life for me through all of growing up, but I'd like to take it to the next level in the future. I see, myself getting a really, really good deal on a house with my man and fixing it up with creativity and no how so that everyone is awwed by what you can do on a budget. And then, I just see living the everyday life on a budget. Growing a brilliant garden, doing the laundry, cooking the meals, shopping. All the everyday stuff.

And I dream that my blog will grow. I have that dream too. I've blogged for so many years and I've just come to the point where I want to settle down and grow my blog.

But, those are my hopes for the future, I guess.

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