Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My MP3 Player On Shuffle

The type of books we read and the kind of music we listen to says a lot about us. And I'm bravely putting my music on the line here for you to judge away. Now, my MP3 player is an old one. My Dad sent my a $25.00 gift card to Walmart a few years ago for Christmas. I found one that was $27.00 so I didn't end up paying anything out of pocket. Also, the music I have I didn't pay for. I've had it on my computer forever. Back in the day when we all shared music files and didn't think about it robbing from the music industry. I haven't signed up for a paid music site yet because I haven't had to. I buy CDs and just put them on my computer if I need them so far. Maybe I should invest in some new music... this will make you laugh.

The first 10 songs are:

1. "True to Your Heart" from the Disney cartoon Mulan.
2. "Labels or Love" By Fergie
3. "Tick Tock" By Ke$ha (this one is from the CD I have)
4. "I Small Butts" I can't see all of the artist name, I think it's by David Spade and Adam Sandler. It's a parody song.
5. "But Mom" Cartman sound clip.
6. "Emo Kid" By Adam and Andrew. I think it might be a parody... but I don't know what it is a parody of. No matter it is a funny little rant type song.
7. "Hotel Room Service" Pit Bull
8. "Behind Blue Eyes" By Limp Bisket. Unfortunately my MP3 player wants to call this song "No on knows what it's like" but as this is from a CD I used to have but got banged up I know better.
9. "Delete You" Ashley Tisdale (yes I have a thing for Disney music)
10. "The B**ch Song" By Bowling For Soup (I was hoping I'd get out of cuss words... but it is not to be. I do have a lot of angsty cussing songs on my MP3 player.)

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet into my MP3 player... and maybe you didn't laugh too hard at me.

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