Friday, August 23, 2013

Purex Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar Giveaway

I'm going to go against my grain here and post my giveaway before I've had a chance to do the review. The problem is that I need to do laundry before doing the review and I haven't had the chance to get to the laundromat to try out the product so I will have to go ahead and offer the giveaway first and then let you know it has worked out for me.

In the meantime I encourage anyone that gets to try it before me to leave a comment letting me know how it works and whoever wins to leave a comment as well.

I know what I'm going to try it on. I have a sweater that when I washed it ended up with a very faded stain, I don't know what it is from... but I want to try to get rid of the stain since I've only ever worn the sweater once and would rather not have to throw it out.

I would like to mention that Purex gave me this product to try and when I do get around to the review it will be my own words about how this product works for me. I don't believe in spicing things up in order to continue getting opportunities. I want to be honest with my readers in all things and Purex has never asked anything less than that. They do have deadlines, though, and that is why I'm rushing for the giveaway before the review.

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  1. I use this laundry bar in my detergent mix and then I keep a bar by the washer just to treat stains. I find its best to rub some on the stain as soon you take off the item as opposed to throwing it in the hamper and forgetting about it later.

  2. Thank you for telling me about this. I feel much better about trying it myself!

  3. Thanks so much for hosting :). I emailed you my details.


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