Sunday, August 11, 2013

Satisfaction In Life

Today's post for the blog challenge I'm on is to write about a time I was completely satisfied with life. The thing is this has been a long journey for me. And it has taken me a lot time to say this, but right now is that time and I intend that from each day forward every moment will be that time for me.

Without getting into all the nitty gritty and horribly hairy details. I have come through a journey of rough trials. And there was a period of time where I figured it would never get better. Maybe it hasn't. But, when knocked down so many time and pulling myself back up only to get knocked down again... well, I'm sure you get the picture.

One day I was sitting with Mike and he was telling me how he has all he ever could need with have a woman to love (that's me) and his son to take care of... that he is truely content.

That got me thinking, even with all the rough stuff I've dealt with in my life, I do have stuff that makes me totally lucky. So, now, I try to dwell on the stuff that makes me lucky. I still have bad days. Bad stuff follows me around like it's waiting to pounce on me. But, in the meantime I'm going to enjoy what I have and feel so in the moment and satisfide with what I've got.

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