Friday, August 30, 2013

The Place I'd Love To Move To

I've always had the dream of moving to Northwest U.S. I was born in St. Louis Missouri, and raised in the general area. I moved to Texas for two years... that was a nightmare for me. No offense to those that live in Texas and love it, but this girl was not born with withstand heat. And where I lived was practically desert. The heat was so overbearing I could never breath in the Summer. The joke was there were not 4 seasons of weather there, but 4 seasons of bugs. The bugs were so bad I had to use military grade bug repellent to squirt along the door jams and window sills to keep the bugs out of my home. It was so effective I'm glad I never put that stuff on my skin. Yikes. When there was a breeze most natives would be outside enjoying it and commenting on how wonderful it was. I was inside downing as much ice water as I could and refusing to go out. It felt like a giant hair dryer had been turned on and was blowing across the landscape in droves.

Enough about Texas... I have 3 dream states to move to. Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. These states call to me for many reasons. There is so much beauty to these states. There is more rain there, I love rain. Mike suffers from allergies that are only relieved by rain. For us a place that rains more would be ideal for us. I have also done a lot of research for the area that I'm interested in moving to and all have my favorite stores there. I wouldn't be missing on my frugal shopping one bit. Prices don't seem that much different than they are in the St. Louis area either. And finally, it is just away... the beauty of that overwhelms me. Maybe I'll never be able to afford the move, or find a home that I could afford if I could move there... but it is my dream and dreams are meant to hang on to.

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