Friday, September 6, 2013

How Important Is Education?

As I've mentioned before, I was home schooled... my educational experience was a little different from many others. I don't regret any of it, though. I feel that because of my experience I was taught to have the drive to continue learning... rather than to think of school as a chore to get through until I could continue on with the rest of my life.

I know that there are many people that disagree with this as being an advantage to homeschooling. These are people that would argue that everything in life is a learning opportunity, so no matter what you want you will learn. But, I'm not talking about random learning occurrences here. I'm also not talking about that drive to get your doctorate either. I'm talking about the days you decide "You know what? I'm going to learn how to use Photoshop! I've never used it before, and it is a scary thing to try for me... but not only will I learn how to use it... but I'm going to be the best at it I can be!" or "I've decided that I'm obsessed with Antebellum time period... I'm going to get every book on the subject until I know that time period inside and out." these types of educational experiences are the kind that will follow you all through life.

Do I think that public school children are completely deprived of learning this skill? No way! I think it is something best learned from the parents, though. Public school's job is to teach a set curriculum and get each child through that grade and on to the next. It is an information cram session for 13 years of a child's life. And after that it is onto college for another information cram session... however long the child chooses to go. A parent has the opportunity to instill the love of learning in each child at their leisure. However long it takes for that child.

All this talk sounds like I'm slamming public schools. I'm not at all. I see public schools as a tool to be used by parents... not the parents being the tools used by the public schools. When the child comes home from school with homework falling out of their bag, the parent should be the one to jump on it and get the child interested in the work. They should find ways to branch out from the homework and find more interesting new things to learn about the subject. In this way the child can get the best of both world.

Do I think education is important? OH YES IT IS! But, it isn't something you only do for a set period of your life and breath a sigh of relief that it is over! It's NEVER over and that is the beauty of it.

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