Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Favorite Blogs!

Time for some blog love! I read blogs as much as I write them and sometimes I read blogs just because I love the person that writes them... and sometimes the people I love write awesome blogs that deserve a shout out. Just because a blog isn't listed here does not mean that I don't love it... there are just way too many blogs to list. This awesome blog is made by my Auntie, her name is Kim too. She has this really need hobby where she scours the local allies for treasures. She brings them home, fixes them up and sells them. Sometimes... sometimes she just has to keep them and her house is like one awesome museum of finds. She also likes to sew and craft and sometimes she snags her twin sister (my Mom) to help her out with her bloggy projects. and   Two great blogs by one woman. Manda and I started our blogging adventures the same year. We were both obsessed with writing as teens (yes I know her from that far back) and it just naturally morphed into blogging. We have both run many blogs, but her latest blogs she has had for many years now. She blogs about being a mother to all boys and she blogs about being the mother to a child with Hydrocephalus. Although I don't know Marsha from face to face contact at any point in our life she has been a cool person to know online. I first met her through (I'm not even sure that site is still up and running). Then we found each other on (still running, but no longer paying) and finally we ran into each other again on Marsha's blog is a cool mix of frugality and daily life. I like how she runs her blog with simplicity and effectiveness. Whenever I need a little inspiration I go to her site. Another person I met on Gather/Mylot/Bubblews. I have been able to get clear and to the point information on her blog. She doesn't make you search for the information she doesn't do a lot of filler posts and sometimes goes awhile without a post, but you always know that when she does post it will be on topic and awesome! I love checking out her blog when I need inspiration for running my own blog... and earning money online.

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