Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Favorite TV Shows

I have a lot of favorite shows... I don't think I will ever be able to choose just one! So, I've picked a few of my favorites and I'll tell you a little why as I go. I warn you there are a lot so even this sampling may be a little on the long side. And a lot is going to be left out.

Of course Supernatural is on my list. I liked the first season the best because they went over actual urban legends and it was really cool to see the shows interpretation of it. I've loved watching the interactions of the characters over the years. It's pretty intense, but often funny at the same time. I like how Sam is such a nerd. And I like how Dean is always trying to act tough, but then he slips up and it is hilarious. I also like how Cass struggles to fit into earth. Great show. I'm curious where it will take us this upcoming season. I'll be so upset when it is over! The only thing I don't like is the portrayal of Witchcraft... but that is Hollywood for you.

The next show on my list ( and keep in mind these aren't necessarily in the order that I like them)  is The Walking Dead. As much as I love zombie movies, shows, games, and more... it isn't the zombies that make me live this show. And, no, it isn't Daryl either... though he is an awesome character to the show! But, it is just the who story line. I love the end of the world concept. And I like seeing the characters pull together and survive. I also love yelling at the screen that they are doing it wrong. Or to shout out other ideas on how to survive as they go. I guess you could say that The Walking Dead is my football!

Time for a walk on the light side! I find New Girl so very funny, indeed! I haven't missed one single episode yet! And that is, even though it started while I was still in college! I called Nick and Jess from the very first episode and I've been watching their romance with my breath held through it all. I hope they don't go and mess it up again!

This next show is not currently playing... but I'm just discovering it, thanks to the beauty that is Netflix! Battlestar Galactica. Anyhow, I'm on season 3 and enjoying every minutes. Okay, to be honest, at the beginning of season 3 I was a little lost thinking they lost their plot... but they picked it back up and it is going strong again. I like it because it is the kind of show you can scream "No, no, no!" at the screen when they do something bad. And they do. They are so human in the show. It is also one of those shows you end up quoting all the time if you don't watch yourself. Besides the obvious "Frack" I caught myself telling someone "What is dying, if not a learning experience." which is a quote off the show and I didn't remember until it flew out of my mouth. Haha.

Well, I figured this post would be longer... but it was a pain in the rear to dig up all these pictures! I guess being picky doesn't help. But, also a tendency for the shows to post pictures from their first season when I need later season pictures is a problem.

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