Monday, September 2, 2013

My Views On Today's Music

I love music, I've always loved music. I've always said that, to me, music is the drug. I've posted my views about drugs and alcohol before. When it comes to music it is the completely safe and legal way to alter your mind and allow yourself to be taken away to places you want to go if you will just let it.

This is a difficult topic to talk about with me because I always feel that it requires walking a fine line between "OMG this is awesome!" and sounding like this little old lady on the front porch whining about "That's not what it was like in MY day."

The fact of the matter is that there are many, many, many awesome songs out right now that I appreciate and and enjoy. There are also many that make my cringe. Sometimes it is what is sung, sometimes it is the music, and sometimes everything else checks out awesome but the music video ruins the whole thing. So, I'm going to list some songs of today that I can't stand and explain why.

1. Blow My Whistle. I don't know who it is that sings this, but I sure that pretty much everyone that reads this knows what I'm talking about. The music is so catchy, and even at first listen the song sounds cute and just what you can pop in for the family to enjoy. But, when I heard Mike's great-niece sing the lyrics my jaw dropped as it suddenly fit together just what the song was talking about. Nothing like a generation of preschoolers singing songs about sexual activity. To my way of thinking it is better for a song to just come right out and say what they are talking about rather than sneaking it in with a catchy tune and something you think is innocent until you pay attention. I'd seriously rather listen to Nine Inch Nails sing raunchy lyrics about exactly just what they want and know they make no bones about it and not to pop it in when the little ones are around, than to have little ones singing about things they don't know because it is the popular music of the day.

2. Anything Mumford And Sons (and that type of music) Mike and I disagree on this and we have pretty much gotten to the point to agree to disagree. I know it makes me sounds like such a stuck up snob to say this... but haven't we moved beyond the necessity to make noise with any backwoods thing we can drum up to sing along to? That's what this music makes me think of. It scrapes my nerves and drums up pictures of people turning a bed pan into a makeshift banjo or something. I know many people would argue that this is American music to the core. But, I think about the other countries that have immigrated to America and the beautiful music that comes from all over. These people that came to our shores were often broke and desperate for music as a form of entertainment. They made these make shift instruments (and I realize the bed pan banjo might not be completely accurate for a historical argument, bare with me) they sang along to these because they had too. As time went on and people got the means to get instruments more like what they had from their Mother countries they were able to move on and progress in their music. Coming out with music like this seems like flying in the face of progress. Again, I value that others do not have the same opinion as me... but this is just the reason why I can't turn the radio off fast enough when this stuff comes on.

3. OMG by Usher. Okay, this is one of those on the edge songs for me. I like it, I really do... but it also bothers me. I like it because it seems like a love song and the music is beautiful! But, when I watched the music video it kind of turned me off. Suddenly it wasn't a love song anymore. Suddenly Usher wasn't singing to the love of his life anymore. He was surrounded by women dressed as sex objects, rather than women. Don't get me wrong, I think a women should care about her dress and looks... but when it crosses the line of dressing only to please the opposite sex we have turned in the feminist card and crawled back into the time when women were seen as a piece of property. Only now we are told at every turn that it is empowering to do so. In cases like this song I will probably always enjoy the song when it comes on the radio, but I can't like the music video. I can't respect it.

And now that I've mentioned songs I don't like I'm going to flip things and mention a few songs I do like that most people would be surprised that I like!

1. Dropping Plates by Disturbed. I love this song! When I first heard it I was thinking "What is up with all the screaming?" But, Mike really liked it and he was always saying that he liked how they could take anything and turn it into a song. So, I listened to it. I mean, I really listened... and I found a song that I really enjoy. In fact, I really like the band and haven't run into a song they have sung that I didn't like. What is my reasoning for this? The song is making a point. The whole song is about how people were downing their music exactly because of all the screaming. They called it evil and wrong because they couldn't look beyond the style of music to the message. In the song they point all this out and say "yes, if it was all about the style of music... then we could be singing about nothing better than dropping plates, but we have a message, a good message. And music is the weapon we use to change the world." that is my paraphrase of course. I had to clean it up a bit, they do use cuss words. As former military I'm not scared of cuss words... but I try to keep the blog as clean as possible to avoid offending the masses.

2. Caroline by Outkast this is another song that people get offended about, but is really a good song if you listen to the words. I thought it was just a funny song for years and then people around me were complaining that it was offensive. I was curious and stopped and listened to it and realized it is a very good song and only should be offensive to someone that the shoe fits for. It's about a girl who is 'all that' I think we all know something like this. Classic beauty and knows it. Always turns heads wherever they go. But, in the end they can't have a meaningful relationship with anyone because underneath it all they are trash. When I listened to this song and really listened to it I found it empowering. I've never been the girl that anyone would accuse of being pretty. But, I'm in a relationship with a wonderful man that sees me as beautiful... and I can't help but think that maybe its the fact that I'm not so full of my looks that helped him see me for who I really am.

3. The homosexual genre. I am in a heterosexual relationship with the love of my life. I believe in making babies and being a housewife if I can. But, I also believe that soul mates are soul mate. If Mike had been Michelle his soul would still be linked to mine I would still love him er her. I believe in love wherever it may be found and when I find a song about celebrating that love no matter who it is with I crank it up and embrace it. I honestly do not put a label on my love and I don't want to put a label on the love of others. It is hard in this day and age where everyone has to fit into a box and have a label that keeps them separate from the love of others. But, I believe in empowering love songs no matter where that love can be found.

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