Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Highs And Lows Of This Past Year

I would say the all time high point of this past year for me would be graduating from College. It was in fact the third time completing a program for me, but this was a Bachelor's Degree and kind of a big deal for me. No one could say 'well, that's good but...' about this. My Dad has a Bachelor's Degree so it means a lot to me that I have one too.

Low point... I've been through a lot of financial stresses this year. It seems like one thing hits after another and I never have the money to take care of everything that needs taken care of. This is one of those things that I take care of each day as it comes so it isn't the biggest setback of all time.

At a midway point for me is that this year my baby sister decided to go into the United States Air Force. She says she isn't doing this to copy me, but it's my baby sister. She also took up knitting (not to copy me) and begged me to teach her to play the piano (not to copy me) Haha. In all seriousness, though this is going to be an amazing adventure for her... but the road will be paved with nightmares. I know, I lived them. I just really hope that she remembers all the little things I've been telling her to make her life so much easier than mine one.

And, that's pretty much it for the past year. I don't dwell on things if I can help it. When I dwell, I get nervous, and when I get nervous I get violently sick.

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