Friday, September 20, 2013

Why I Think Surveys Are Worth It

Over the years of taking surveys to earn extra cash I've had a lot of naysayers. It never seemed worth the time to any of them. Despite what they thought, I've kept going and I've found decent compensation for doing so. Not enough to pay the rent with, but enough to have a little extra as the end of my regular check. Even so, many people just don't think it is worth it, so I've decided to share the reasons that I think it is worth spending the time on it.

1. Survey sites like and have a feature where if you work through the survey and end up not qualifying it ends up not being a total loss. You are automatically entered for a raffle that every quarter or so you can get free points. I highly recommend doing as many surveys as you can. Even if they are old and no longer paying. I went from a few points in my 'bank' to having enough to cashout overnight because I just filled out all the surveys I could.

2. Survey sites like (I know of others, but haven't been able to use them myself) full on pay you whether you can finish the survey or not. With mypoints you may be able to earn up to 200 points if you complete the survey, but you get 10 points if you don't. I have seen my 'bank' rack up the point rather quickly just over surveys I didn't qualify for! Does it say it is for teens only? Don't be detoured, started answering questions and it will weed you out, but you still get paid for your time.

3. You don't have to feverishly spend hours a day trying to qualify for surveys. I make a separate folder in my gmail account labeled 'surveys. I click and move all the surveys into this folder when I do my daily email check. Later, when I have extra time on my hands I go into that folder and start taking surveys. I know many people that are probably thinking 'but I never have time to fill out surveys' that's okay! But, if the moment ever does arise that you are thinking 'wow I don't have anything to do!' or if your family wants to watch that latest grotesque movie you want nothing to do with, sit down a while and fill out surveys.

4. It pays to sign up for as many survey sites as possible! It seems to me that a lot of survey sites go through lulls where if you have been earning well on that site they don't have many surveys you qualify for. The more sites you belong to, the more you can compensate for these lulls by moving around from site to site. You may not earn from any one site faster this way, but you aren't wasting time trying to earn for a site that has nothing to offer you.

Think of surveys as side money and you won't be disappointed. I've met lots of awesome people online that also are earning money online. Every once in awhile a person comes along with the idea in their head that they are going to earn enough with surveys to pay off their student loans, make house payments, and put food on the table for their children. When surveys don't make that much they are quick to call spam on the survey sites and try reporting good sites so the rest of us lose out. NO! You are not going to earn that much with surveys. However, I've used survey money to pay for my prescriptions, I've used it to buy a few books I wanted off Amazon, and I've used it to have extra money when Mike and I go to the festivals around town. It is EXTRA money. Not a full time income. Think of it that way and you won't be disappointed.

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