Thursday, September 5, 2013

With Respect to My Parents

Growing up it was all about 'yes mam' or 'no sir' my parents were sticklers for called adults by Mr. Mrs. or Miss... and never were we to use Ms.! To this day when I am checking the box during a survey I often cringe if they have no 'Miss.' spot. The point is, I grew up with a lot of manners. Sometimes I felt really angry about all the rules, but then I figured out that all manners are is being nice to other people.

As I got older 'respect' was the buzz word. And to me it was sometimes a tough pill to swallow. I felt like I spent so much time doing all the things I was supposed to say and do... things that my parents taught me, only to have it slung back in my face like it didn't mean a thing. I spent many years with the angry motto that someone only deserves respect if they give it.

Until some major things happened in my life. I went through a period of time where my parents could have been more there for me than they were. I felt so abandoned and used when this happened. I was angry and decided that my parents didn't deserve one drop of respect from me. Time does heal a lot of wounds, though. It puts things into perspective to.

I realized that yes, it wasn't totally right what my parents did to me. But, they are my parents. And I turned out okay (because of or in spite of them I don't know which.) There is a level of trust, that I don't know if it will ever grow back. But, I respect my parents because of them being my parents. Even when they do something I think is silly or not becoming of parents to do... I figure we all do things that we shouldn't from time to time and that's okay. It's who we are for the long haul that counts.

For the long haul, my parents raised me. They taught me to read, write, tie my shoes, sew, build a fire, shoot a gun (or a bow and arrow) grow veggies, harvest wild fruits, drive a car... and so much more! For that, they deserve respect. I know a lot of kids that grow up and they don't even know how to write out their own bills!

The moral of the story is... you can always find something your parents did right.

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