Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Coming Soon... Giveaways!

As I have been trying to work on this blog I've been thinking about the giveaways I host on this blog. I love hosting giveaways for many reasons. For one, I get to try awesome stuff and share it with my readers, for two I don't just talk about freebies and saving money... I get to help my readers do the same, and for three it helps me gain a larger reader fan base.

The problem is, the reader fan base is a little low. My first giveaway I hosted I didn't get ANY people. My second one, I got one person, and for the third giveaway I got 2 people. It is awesome that I'm slowly getting more readers and I love and appreciate each person. You are awesome!

Here is the deal, I have two giveaways coming up very soon! Yes, two! For the first one I'm going to put the usual one coupon in for the giveaway because it seems a little odd putting any more than that on the line for all of two people signing up for it. If you see on the side of my blog there is the 'networked blogs' follow box. I know more people than that read my blog, but it is a nice measurement for me to see how I'm doing. If, I can get 50 people in that box by the time the next giveaway rolls around I will put 2 coupons on the line for the giveaway. That means, out of 50 people that sign up for a coupon 2 people will win it. Wouldn't that be awesome?

It is all up to you, dear readers, I'm going to keep sitting at the laptop plugging away... no matter what. I really love blogging!

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