Sunday, March 9, 2014

How To Stop Getting Facebook Game Requests

A few weeks ago I posted this information on my personal Facebook page, don't worry I will be posting it for you in a far less angry and smart alec manner than I posted there. I love my readers and I'm doing this to help you... not as a last ditch effort to keep you off my back for my gaming addiction.

Anyhow, I think the problem is pretty widespread. You can find snarky ecards about the topic everywhere. Your friends are playing Words With Friends, but you got stuck and you don't want to play it anymore... but why do they keep sending you requests? And why on earth is your wall full of requests to send off the wall items to your friends for their Farmville, you never did get into that game at all.

Like it or not, it your responsibility to fix the settings on your Facebook page to only show what you want. After all if someone is 'stalking' you on Facebook you would go to your settings and block their username from checking in on you. Same deal with them game requests. It is up to you to make sure you only get the stuff you want... or that you don't get any requests at all.

First off, you probably want to get rid of any games that you used to play, but no longer are into. Your friends that play Bubble Safari are looking for people to send them bubbles and see that you play too. Even if you haven't played for 4 years it will show that you are playing it if you don't do this. They think they are being nice by only sending requests to other players, but you are peeved because they should know you don't want to send them fire bubbles.

I'm sure you have seen this part of the left side of your screen. Keep this in mind we will come back to it later! For the purposed we are taking care of now you will just hover across from where it says 'APPS' and the word 'More' will magically appear for you. Click on that.


Once you click on 'More' your page will look a lot like this... are the part that matters will look a lot like this. See those pencils? You need to look for them. They are going to make sooooo many of your problems go away! This is your path to freedom!

Click the pencil and it will bring up this little box. If you want to play around and see what all you can do you could click on 'Edit Settings'. But, for this purpose I'm sure that isn't what you are looking for. That little line that says 'Remove App' That is what you want to click on. Repeat these steps for every game you are sick of playing and don't want to get requests from ever again.

Okay, you are all done, right? Not if you are sick of Aunt Sofie sending you request for buckets of water to help her trees grow. You have never played that game in your life! Why on earth are you getting requests for it. In a perfect world your buds would check to see if you already played each and every game before sending you a request. But, they don't always do so. And getting angry and telling them to stop is not going to fix anything and instead when the rest of your friends catch on to the craze your wall is only going to fill up with more requests. It's like washing your dishes as you go instead of waiting till all your guest are gone to clean up the kitchen.

Remember how I told you we would come back to this area later? Well now look for what I affectionately call the 'plus sign'. Mike expertly calls it the 'D pad' because he is a video gaming dude. Either way, I've included an image so you know exactly what to look for. You will need to click on this. It will then show you a list of all the fun stuff your friends have been asking you for from their games.

On this page if you hover your mouse arrow in the top right hand corner of an invitation you no longer want to see you will see this little arrow tab. Click on it!

After you click on the tab you will get this drop down menu. Sorry I changed games on you, the first one was a game I play and I'd actually like to keep playing. I don't even know how to play backgammon in real life, let alone on Facebook! I really like this Facebook friend and even though it gives me the option to unfollow her (Which would effectively erase all requests from her) I'm not going to do that because her posts keep me grounded on some of my bad days. Instead I'm choosing that I don't ever want to see a notification from Backgammon Live again. I'm going to click on that.

I'm not saying you are an idiot, but no worries, if you accidently clicked that you wanted to hide posts and it was for your favorite game... Facebook it idiot proof. ARE YOU SURE?????? Why, yes I am sure. I don't want to play Backgammon Live and I don't ever want to see a stinking request for it ever again! So, it's time to click on 'Hide'

Again, Facebook is idiot proof. If you got all the way to this part and suddenly decided that Backgammon is the love of your life and you MUST play it with your buds... you could click on the word Undo. Which is why I put a tiny arrow pointing to it. Most likely you will just want to click the X I circled and be done with it all. OR if you are in one of THOSE moods and you would like to give Facebook a piece of your mind, you could click where it says 'Why don't you want to see this?' But, I just click X.

You see, I recognize that it is my responsibility to keep my own Facebook page in the order I want to keep it in. We all enjoy Facebook and some people like to play games on it. You probably have games you like to play and games you don't. There is no reason to snap at your friends and loved ones because they are asking you to play a game you don't want to play.

But, if you do play games on Facebook, you should be considerate of other's. Don't send requests for extra bubbles to every Facebook friend you have when only 3 others play that game. And if one of those 3 friend starts yelling at you personally or just on Facebook in general about how they don't play games would everyone just stop sending them requests... just kindly share this post to them and let them clean up their own Facebook page like a responsible Facebook citizen.

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