Thursday, May 22, 2014

Book Review: The Governess of Highland Hall

I would just like to begin this review with the full discloser that I got my copy of this book for free from the program "Blogging For Books" in exchange for writing this review for you. While it a pleasure for me to read anything I get my hands on and it is very hard for me to pass up free... I have to make sure you know that legally. Plus, you may decide that this would be a pleasant pastime for you to pick up. Let it be known, that sometimes I may gush on and on about a book, and other times I may not be so happy with the book. My writing is my own. They don't tell me what to say. By doing this I'm helping them see what the public may actually love to read about. Also, sorry about the quality of this picture. I somehow lost the original picture they gave me to post and had to find one online. It wasn't nearly as good quality as the original picture.
Perhaps I watched The Sound Of Music to early in my impressionable years, but I am OBSESSED with governess romance novels. While, I have been known to read my fair share of trashy heaving bosoms and the like... there is something to be said about the simplicity of a Christian romance story.
This book is no exception. This is one of those books that actually made me cry. Tears streaming down my cheeks I finally finished the read and had to wait weeks before picking up another book because it had that huge of an impact on me.
This is the story of a girl going to work as a Governess to take care of her family. She has to put her dream job on hold for the time, but feels this is where she is led to be for the time being.
She puts her heart and her soul into the job and even when obstacles are thrown in her path she perseveres on. She deals with spoiled brats and fierce relatives in the family she works for... but the father's heart is softened (no worries his first wife is not in the picture) and he finds himself falling in love with her. One of the most beautiful parts of the story is when he risks his life to save hers. In the end everything works out... of course. I am truly thinking about reading this book again, it was so good!

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