Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's Sarcoidosis

I just realized I left my readers hanging about my trips to the hospital and such. I could be over here dying for all you know and just blogging away like there... tomorrow. Sorry, that was a horrible bad joke there.

I don't know if I shared this part, but I had a gallstone. I knew it was there, but I did a bad thing and just ignored it... and ignored it... and ignored it. I'd always come up with excuses why that wasn't the cause of my pain and discomfort. Oh... well I just finished a period. I'm getting ready to start one. I must have gas. I came up with every other reason that I must be in pain except for that reason. Finally it knocked me on my butt. I ate a plate full of lettuce and baked chicken and ended up writhing in a ball on Mike's couch. That was the last straw for him and he convinced me to go to the Emergency Room then. They ran a CT scan and sanctioned a surgery for me.

Three days later, when I went to see the surgeon, he mentioned that the CT scan showed a mass in the bottom of my esophagus and that I should get that checked out after the gall bladder surgery. So, I had my gall bladder removed and one month later I was back at the doctor and undergoing every test they could think of. After all these tests my regular Doctor told me that she was pretty sure that I had lymphoma, but best case scenario I had an Auto Immune disease call Sarcoidosis. With this hanging over our heads we went to talk to the surgeon about getting a biopsy done. I was put under again and spend the next 2 weeks recovering from a surgery... again. And then I got my results back. It wasn't cancer. Whew! It is Sarcoidosis. My lymph nodes are attacked and swelled up. Mostly my eyes burn a lot, and my lungs hurt when I over exert them. I'm still learning all I can about it and if anyone can give me more information about it I'd appreciate it. Until then... the good news is: It's not CANCER! Yayyy!

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