Sunday, May 25, 2014

Site Review: Twice
I just thought I would share this site with my readers. I have now bought two items from them and I love both items. The first items I bought was a pair of Eddie Bauer jeans. I know, I know... that is a little fancy for the frugal girl, right? Well, after much frustration at Wal-Mart with the cheap jeans falling apart on me I started going to other stores for equally cheap and equally cheaply made jeans. Going to Goodwill was a hit or miss for me. I had one pair of jeans from the thrift store that worked for me. They were good sturdy material and they fit perfectly on my hips. But, it is so hard to find sturdy jeans! And, that is exactly what I need in jeans. This pair I had that was so great? I got walnut stains all over them last November when I went out in the woods to help Mike's Uncle with setting up his camp. They are great for roughing it, but not good for going out in at all.
When I found out about Twice I was VERY skeptical. having had lots of experiences with Amazon (we all know what I'm talking about here) I was worried that I'd ended up buying something and it wouldn't be what I had expected at all! But, even so... when I found the Eddie Bauer jeans they totaled at $11.00 for me, which is cheaper than the Wal-Mart jeans and a name brand that I knew what good. I figured if they didn't work out it would be less of a loss as Wal-Mart even.
Well, they weren't a loss. They are wonderful. They are dark jeans for dressier occasions all together. I love them. When Memorial day offered their 25% off deal (SUNNY25 if you can catch it) I decided to give it a go again. I ended up getting a cute Urban Outfitters dress that will work as a tunic on me for about the same price as the jeans. It isn't the same as finding a steal of a deal at Goodwill, but you KNOW all these clothes are nice. You can even sell the name brand clothes you have too. Oh, and if you use MY links on this blog you will get a $20.00 credit free! Just try it once and see if you don't like it as much as I do!
Twice did not offer me any compensation to do this post. This is just a site I happen to love and I wanted to share the joy of it with my readers. I would love to hear about the deals you find on this site if you give it a try! 

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