Friday, June 13, 2014

Best Childhood Memory

Honestly, I think I posted a similar type of post before involving me and my brother. But, when this new challenge asked for my favorite childhood memory I thought it would be fun to share about my brother's dog and I. This picture is not me and my brother's dog. In fact, Percy was such a beautiful dog. She was part German Shepard, part Blue Tick Hound, part Labrador, part Coyote.

My parents suggested that Rob name her Perseverance because they had him reading up on dogs for years before they allowed him to get a dog. Perseverance is a rather long name to call a dog by, so we just called her Percy for short.

Now, you must understand that I was absolutely terrified of dogs for as long as I could remember. I don't know what started the fear. I just know that as I look back now I'm completely ashamed at some of the things I did in the name of my terror. I would kick dogs and scream like a banshee until they left. I would carry around a rolled up bit of newspaper with me everywhere and if one got too close to me I slammed it on the nose with the newspaper. At the time I did not realize I was being cruel to the dogs. I just had such an irrational fear of the animals that I thought I was protecting myself.

Anyhow. we lived next to my Grandparents on one side of us and my Aunt and Uncle on the other side of us. And, we all lived on 30 acres (25 of which was all woods). I have an Uncle that is 3 years older than I and a male cousin that is also 3 years older than me. My brother, Rob, is 13 months younger than me. Those 3 boys used to love picking on me. Maybe I should have kicked, screamed, and bopped those 3 on the nose with a newspaper!

The particular day that I'm here to talk about my Mom sent me to usher my brother indoors for lunch. Now, my parents were very strict. If we didn't do as requested we got in BIG trouble. Mom didn't do much of anything about it, but tell our Dad and that is when the SHTF if you know what I mean so when I couldn't find my brother anywhere I sat down and cried. I didn't want to get in trouble for not finding my brother and therefore not being able to obey my Mom's instructions. Percy jogged up to me and nudged me with her nose. "Go away!" I yelled and gave her a kick. She walked away and circled around and came back up to nudge me again with her nose. I shrugged her off and kept crying. The 3rd time she came up and nudged me with her nose I figured she was either incredibly stupid or that it was some kind of Lassie thing going on. I through caution to the wind. Getting ripped to shreds by the family dog or get whipped so bad I had to lay on my stomach for a week seemed like one and the same degree of awfulness in my young mind. So, I stood up and put my hand on her collar. And, wouldn't you know it? She led me right to where the boys were hiding!

Rob was REALLY not happy at that turn of events. Because Percy was HIS dog! We both learned something valuable that day. He learned that the girls gonna stick together. And, I learned that dogs are wonderful 'people' on the inside and that a good one is going to keep trying to break down the walls around our hearts when they know we need it the most.

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