Friday, June 20, 2014

My Bucket List

I'm not going to share my entire bucket list with you. I think I have well over 100 on it so far. But, I will share a little with you. Maybe I can check them off here as I get some of them done. That would be cool.
1.Grow old with someone I love. (I'm working on that one right now)
2.Leave a note in a library book.
3.Go on a hot air balloon.
4.Take his last name. (I'm going to rock it on November 1st, 2015)
5.Learn fluent sign language.
6.Write a book. (I've written a short story, but I'm not going to let that count.)
7.Kiss at the top of the Farris Wheel.
8.Finish a whole coloring book.
9.Cuddle next to a campfire.
10.Play messy twister.
11.Run a race for a cause.(going to be kind of hard with fibromyalgia, but I could still do it)
12.Own a typewriter
13.Grow an herb garden.
14.Learn to crochet.
15.Own a nice camera.
16.Go on a road trip.
17.Rescue a puppy.
18.Attend a masquerade.
19.Go on a romantic walk through a winter wonderland.
20.Be a healthy weight.

That's just 20 of them, my lovelies.

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