Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Dream Job

What is my dream job? This is. I've always been obsessed with writing. When I was little I would fill pages upon with my scribbles. Then I learned to write and wrote letters to everyone in the family all the time. My Mom amassed quite a pile of "Mom, I love you. Do you love me? If you do then good." She would sometimes write letters back, but they weren't nearly as simplistic. They were often 3 or 4 pages of what she envisioned for my life. I wish I had saved all those letters better. By the time my sisters came along they got into everything and trashed them.

Anyway, it wasn't long before I started writing short stories. And, when my Dad brought home a brother word-processer (showing my age) he decided to teach me to type. He bought me my very own floppy disc and I was allowed to use it when he wasn't to write my stories on it.

And then we got a computer and I transferred to writing stories, newsletter, emailing lists. I was always writing. When I was 15 I decided to try out blogging. My first attempts were very crude by todays standards. I learned everything I could about HTML and played with tables and frames. Remember when iframes were all the rage? Haha. I gave up blogging after awhile because I just couldn't afford the internet anymore.

Then it was all about the WiFi and, yes, I 'stole' WiFi back in the day. Although I don't really think it is that big of a deal if you are nice about it. If you know your neighbor is going to be at work all day and no is going to be home needing the WiFi... I don't think they really will care that you are using it. But, if you only hop on their connection Friday nights through Sunday afternoon they may become upset and put a password on it. And, no, I've never hacked a password. That's just wrong.

So, yeah, then I learned about making money online and that some people could afford their own internet connection just by making money online! I've done this a time or two. My favorite internet connection of all time was probably Cricket's broadband. I don't think they have it anymore. I could be wrong. If I made enough that much with online earnings I paid for the next month. If I didn't I couldn't afford it. Plain and simple. No credit sucking monster to deal with. I also came to love my local coffee house for a time. I would earn enough online to cash out for a gift card to my local coffee house or fast food place that served up coffee with a connection and just spend the day there working. Most places don't care as long as they aren't swamped and you are hogging a chair a customer that would be paying more than you could use.

Finally Mike decided he would rather me around more often than not and offered for me to keep my computer at his place and work on my blog there. Which led to my computer breaking on my (my brother may or may not be able to fix it) and me using Mike's computer to do my work. All ways find a way, right?

I don't always make a lot of cash around here, but I earn enough to take care of little things I need along the way. I also get things like free books and personal supplies to review and that helps me not have to spend money on those things.

This is more of a hobby than a job... I guess. But, it is my dream to do this all the time and have fun doing so.

Maybe someday I will make a good living off this... but even if I never do, this is what I'm meant to do.

Bloggity, blog, blog, my lovelies.

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