Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pet Peeves

Wow, well I'm really trying to work on not letting things get to me. It is a hard journey for me because I'm bipolar, have PTSD, and fibromyalgia. This combination usually means that I don't necessarily have pet peeves, but 'major psychotic hatreds' as the saying goes. And it's not always the same thing that set me off. Let's take a stab at it though.

I can't stand loud noises. I don't mean loud like the crowds cheering (though crowds are nerve wracking for me too) but like yelling and fighting noises. It makes me so nervous to hear. I don't know why exactly. My parents didn't fight like that. They had a rather quiet ending to their marriage really. I didn't serve overseas and never actually saw battle. My PTSD comes MST during my service in the military.

I really, really, really hate when people butcher the English language. Now, I'm not talking about it writing. No one is perfect and if you get writing instruction manuals across the centuries you will see the rules change often enough to confuse many people. But, the spoken language is NOT that hard to follow! Again, I'm not talking about the lilt and annunciation people have from the various parts of the English speaking regions. I'm talking about people who use words that we have clearly agreed are not words after all. And trying to make it hip to change a word all together. It makes my ear BLEED when I hear 'ain't'. Ha, even the editor for Blogger won't pick it up as a word. I was raised having my speech corrected every time I pronounced a word wrong. It has become a habit for me to do in kind. Other people don't like it when you tell them the word is 'wolf' and not 'woof' because we are in fact speaking about two very different words. People don't like it when you repeatedly have to remind them that the word is 'turned' and not 'turnt'. And now the Urban Dictionary is telling us that 'turnt' is in fact a word! I looked it up for a giggle one day because someone I know uses that all the time and the Urban Dictionary defines 'turnt' as: To get really horny or really drunk. Now, that is not at all the context I've been hearing it in... but even so. Now we take people's butchering of the English language and make it into a whole new language? Again, my editing program doesn't even want to pick up on 'turnt' as a word!

I'm a big of a germ phobic too. Not all the way. There are some things I get nasty about. Like, I'm too lazy to put every qtip in the trash bag every time I clean my ears. So, I keep a small cardboard box next to the qtip package and I dispose of them in there until it's full and then I throw the whole thing away and start over. Mike thinks it's nasty and it probably is. But, we all have our things. I do have a big problem with food sitting out overnight and eating it the next day like nothing. Or when people stick a spoon in something to taste it and then stick the spoon back into the main dish that everybody else has to serve themselves from. Ewwwww. Lots of people tell me that I'm crazy (well, I am, the Dr. says so) and that I should just get over it. I just can't get over it, though. It's just so gross to me!

What are some of your pet peeves, my lovelies?

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