Monday, June 16, 2014

The Movies I Could (And DO!) Watch Again And Again

This blog post is NOT a review. This is just a list of some of my favorite movies and why they are my go too movies. There, are of course... many, many, many more... but why bore you with that many? Isn't it bad enough that I chose 6!

 I love the humor and I love the attitude of this girl. I laugh every time she 'has sex at the party' ooops, did I give away too much? Really this girl is a decent girl and it is all rumor that got out of control. But, I love it every time.

I'm kind of a huge Amy Adams fan. If she is in the movie I'm first in line to watch it. Besides that I love, love, love a movie about two people who hate each other so much they fall in love. This movie has a twist in it that gets me every time... even though I totally know it's there.

Eh? What did I tell you? Amy Adams... all over that! I love that this movie is kind of a parody, and yet a total romance in and of itself. The only thing about it is that I root for both the guys and both the girls. But, it ends well anyhow. My favorite part is when she cleans the apartment and all the real animals come to help out. Uh Oh!

I guess it stands to reason that if the book is one of my favorites (I've read it 4 times so far) that the movie would be too. I've seen other versions of this movie... but this is my all time favorite. I think it is Mr. Darcy. A good Jane Austen film kind of hangs on who the guy is. And, on a side note Mike and I just watched Catching Fire recently and I told him that even though the President is a bad guy I find it hard to SEE him as a bad guy because to me he is the kind and loving Pride & Prejudice father that kind of makes me wish he trade places with my father.

I can not count how many times I've seen this movie, but I doubt the number is relevant since by now I can quote most of the movie by heart. Not only that, but I interject lines from the movie during daily conversation. It's a fandom thing I do believe. If you aren't crazy about this movie you really just can never get it. It's just "Inconceivable!"

This movie ended up being a surprise love. But, I have already watched it so often that I need to replace it soon. There are so many layers to this movie that make it really, really good. And, all I can really say is that you have not LIVED until you have seen Robert De Nero dance around in antique ladies underwear, listening to the Cha Cha.
Now, I had to cut this list short because I didn't want to bore anyone too harshly. But, I will say that if it is in any way a Jane Austen film I will watch it again and again (this also goes for spin offs like Bridget Jones Diary and Clueless). And words cannot express my deep love of Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. Star Wars is awesome too, but I prefer the original trilogy... but I don't dis the newer because it is after all Star Wars. The list could go on and on, but I'm sure you by now get the picture of what kind of movies I like to watch.

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