Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Makes Me Happy

The easiest answer to what makes me happy is the love of my life... my fiancé, Mike. I especially love spending time with him outdoors. The above picture is of us last year during deer season. He is able to hunt. I am not. I did, however pack my DS, my Nook, my MP3 player, and my camera and sat out in the cold for HOURS with him. He never did get anything. But, I enjoyed just being up there and spending time with him and communing with nature.

And, yes, I took my electronics out there with me. Doesn't sound very hippie of me, does it? I can't help it I like my electronic goodies. Of course, if they ever make solar powered items like these at a reasonable price I will go ahead and get those.

So, that's what makes me happy my lovelies.

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