Sunday, June 8, 2014

What On Earth Is Going On Around Here?

It dawned on my today that I have been blogging, but not addressing an issue that may occur to those that click around on the links to my blog.

I really wanted to jump right back into blogging when I started this blog. If you are a writer to any extent I am sure you understand that itch your fingers can sometimes get. You don't really care too much what you are writing about, you just want to WRITE! And so I started this blog. I wanted to give myself room to grow and mature... not one of my past blogs provided for that and they all fizzled out at some point in your life. Not living the single life anymore? Not a student anymore? Not in the Air Force anymore? Every single one became died out as that aspect of my life died out.

You have probably noticed all the links at the top of my blog and wondered why most of them are empty. I'm not trying to trick readers. I wanted to have those pages available to fill when the time is right. And I also want to focus on my content for now.

I would like to point out that 'Freebies' is not nor will it ever be a list of available freebies out there for you to jump on. There are so many fascinating sites out there for that. My blog is not about pointing out where to go to jump on those freebies, my blog is about my journey through money adventures and misadventures. Along the way I'll tell you how you can do so too... but I won't ever become just a list of freebies to get here and there. I will, however, offer freebies. I believe in sharing and caring. And if I can pay it forward and offer you something to make your life easier for free... I will be so happy to do so. This is also why I host giveaways on my site.

Some of the pages I haven't put anything on yet because I haven't learned the coding I need to the information there the way I have envisioned it yet. As I learn more about blogging I will take care of those little issues.

So, no, I'm not putting on the breaks for blogging while I fix up my site. I'll keep writing and learning and loving and sharing. As always, I love you my bloggy peeps.

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