Monday, January 5, 2015

Intro to 2015 Goals

I cannot take full credit for either the idea or the slightly ripped off content of my goals. Oh, they are my goals alright... but when your brain goes gun shy before it hits the paper, sometimes slightly adjusting someone else's goals to fit your life can help you get going. So Crystal from htttp:// for all your inspiration both now an in my day to day life. Thank you!

2015 GOALS

• Read one book a month about marriage/relationships.
• Go on one date a month with Mike.
• Post one romantic post a week on Mike's Facebook timeline.

• Read 50 fiction books this year.
• Become proficient at Yoga.
• Buy myself new clothes every month.

Blog Goals:
• Grow readership to 1,000.
• Move to WordPress.
• Buy domain.
• Write the "Be a Hippie" series.

My goal is to update my readers weekly with how I'm doing. Accountability here!
So, not a fancy long list of goals. Save that for next year!


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