Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stretching A Buck

A few days ago $11.00 practically fell in my lap. You probably have all had one of these days from time to time.

Maybe your mom caught you crying when she walked in on your budget planning. Maybe you overpaid a bill that has a policy to send that money back. Or it could be that you just unpacked a winter coat and found a surprise in your pocket.
Whatever the reasons for the sudden windfall comes a sudden mind race on what all you need for the least amount of money.

What I got:

•2 packages of toilet paper from the Dollar Tree.
    After a 2 month fast from toilet paper (not on purpose) I got sick and tired of extra showers. Of having to tell Mike "No, don't use that loofah!" when he came over. I bought some TP.

•2 Notebooks at the Dollar Tree.
    Okay, to be honest this was a last minute "Ooo look at that!" Dollar Tree seldom carries the sewn binder notebooks around here. I'm a writer, and I need my notebook fix!

•2 kitchen scrubbies at the Dollar Tree.
    I'm pretty sure my old one expired its usefulness 3 years ago. I mean the soaking in vinegar and microwaving for 30 seconds is not a license to immortality... and sadly my old blue scrubbie was tearing down the middle. I had to say goodbye. Although the new ones were 2 for a $1.00 so does that count as two products or one?

•A box of 5 yard work trash bags for a dollar from the Dollar Tree.
    Yet another monument to my laziness. I mean, why buy the kitchen trash bags and lug them through the creepy ally everyday? Get the macho bags and go every couple of days. But when I marry Mike he will haul the trash for me on the daily. Or bribe his son to. 

•A Ninja Turtles calendar at the Dollar Tree.
    In the words of my late little brother, Trenton, "What about it?" yeah, I got my tablet too late to go freebie hunting for a 2015 calendar and the grown up calender selection at Dollar Tree was 'Angels' or 'Golfing' neither of which appealed to me. The children's selection was worse. You all know what is hip with preschoolers this days. I liked the new Ninja Turtles movie... I'll say it's 'Ironic' when my family teases me about it.
The rest of the money left over I scraped into my recycled tarp coin purse to be used for laundry... or airing up my car tire for the four billionth time. My car only has to last till marriage and then I can let Mike take care of car stuff.
What do you do with 'found' money?

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