Sunday, September 6, 2015

A 2015 Goal Accomplished

I'm so excited and nervous about this goal happening all at once!

I'm moving to WordPress! It was a last minute thing I will admit. Self hosting isn't cheap and we all know I'm the frugal one. Last night I was checking my emails before bed and I stopped at this really great deal backed by a trusty word in the bloggy word and I thought, "why not?" so I took the plunge!

I ran into one problem. Someone snatched up my domain name before I had the chance to. And they aren't even using it, just sitting on it and waiting for me to buy.

Haha, this girl doesn't play those games. I slightly changed the name of the blog and domain name.

With that being said, please be patient and keep checking out my new domain see what I did there? Can't force me to pay more!


I will be pretty busy with this, my planner project and the big day in two months!

I'll be keeping everyone posted on Instagram!

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