Friday, December 16, 2016

Being Homeless: Part One

Wait, what? Thought I said I was super frugal and used to be in the Air Force and a total nerd. How does someone like that become homeless? Well, that part is kind of a long story. But, the short of it is that people become homeless all the time for so many, many reasons.
I remember not long before I became Homeless I was having a lot of vehicle trouble with the Mercury Mini Van my brother (or maybe my sister-in-law posing as my brother) convinced me was a good buy.

Anyhow, my Uncle had come to get me and decided to chit chat the whole way back to my errant van. What was the talk about? His work with the homeless. I remember it really standing out to me that he said it's all about choices, all it takes is one bad choice and a person is homeless. Of course he meant things like alcohol (in my family there is this huge branch that believes that one sip makes you an alcoholic.) Drugs and stuff like that. But, I'm living proof that there are other ways you can find yourself homeless. And, being homeless can be a life changing event that catapults you into learning how to be even more thrifty and watching what you spend.

It all started, I guess after my brother died. I know, I know, I keep promising to tell that story. I'm thinking of saving it for the anniversary of his birthday. Which is coming up, so you can look forward to that... I guess. I was in a deep dark place at the time and my rent accrued because I just didn't have the will to live really. Sure, I had many other siblings, but at that time the trajectory of the others ending up in a similar position was pretty high for most of them. I just went to my Mom's and let my bills go and just laid there wasting away. My mom pulled me up and forced me to go to college, which forced me to do things like shower, dress, and eat.

I went back home because it was a lot closer to college and my mom suggested that I move one of my sisters in with me, to keep me company and me help keep her off the path my brother went down. It didn't turn out so well because the guy that got her into all that was like a rat around the house. I would beat him away my broom and he would sneak back in. He stole so much money from me that I took to hiding it in my laundry soap bottles to keep him out of it! I'd through all his stuff in trash bags and toss it out of the house before heading off to school and come home and he'd be back in the house with all his stuff and his friends invited over for a party. That was a nightmare alone to live through. I can guarantee that. Then my Land Lady suddenly decided she had changed her mind about our agreement for me to pay back the back pay in bits and pieces until it was all paid off. I woke up one morning to the Sheriff flushing my Bipolar meds down the toilet and several other tenants throwing my stuff outside. I was in shock! I  had to go through my own stuff and shove as much as I could in my mini van, my first thought was to just run away. No matter that I had met a really cute guy at school that I had a huge crush on.

I took off across the state and ended up running over a piece of semi tire, it totally tipped the oil pan under the van and forced me to pull over. So, everything I have left in the world is in this van and it's useless to me. For those not mechanically inclined I'm sure I don't have to explain that no oil is a huge no go. That's why we go to Valvoline when our husbands make us... or do you go for the super man candy?

Anyhow, this adorable old Sheriff pulls up and runs my plates and my license and he gives me a ride to his office that felt like it was a rip off of the Andy Griffith show. I called my younger brother and told him what happened he was pretty put out that my first thought wasn't to call him for help (though his wife makes most of us second guess asking him for even asking if we can hang out with him.
So he paid to have my van towed and fixed. Then he demanded that I come and stay in his guest bedroom.

I did this for about a month. It was a rough life. I mean, I love my brother to pieces. We grew up with a pretty close bond because we are only 13 months apart. We have always looked out for each other. As much as we could. But, yeah, his (well fiancĂ© at the time) really couldn't respect my personal boundaries and would pull the "under my roof" card when I got mad at her for going through my stuff. My brother couldn't get why I would keep all my stuff in my van still and use the laundromat and Burger King Wi-Fi instead of his. Especially when I was desperately sick with Strep Throat after cleaning out his basement. The local sewage had backed up into many of the neighborhood basements that year after HEAVY rainage. I helped him all day long cleaning out the basement. With being underinsured I would buy minced garlic and eat a spoonful before bed at night.

The final straw was around Halloween I was sick in bed and his fiancĂ© sent me a text after a night of them partying and told me to clean up her vomit in the bathroom before she got home from work. I sent her back "hahaha" and of course she wasn't amused and told my brother I wasn't picking up my share of the work. He was really upset with me. So, I drove over to my Uncle's house and spent the night over there. But, my sister's old boyfriend (remember him) was mad that she was leaving him and broke in and stole my purse. This included my house key to my brother's house.

My brother's wife to be made sure I was not welcome back. My Mom came and got me and I moved onto her couch for the next year.

Maybe this is not considered homeless to many, but I assure you, it is. And this isn't even the end of the story.

I just figured this would be a good stopping point before part two where you find out the rest.

<strong>Have you ever been homeless? Have you ever felt like homeless people don't pull their fair share in life or have done something to earn their lot in life? Be honest. I won't take offense. I promise. I'm here to share and educate. Not beat you over the head.</strong>

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