Wednesday, March 29, 2017

10 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Blogging

I never would have thought that I'd ever catch myself writing this post because, well everyone else has this post on Pinterest and how could I ever possibly even hope to write a post on the topic that hasn't already been covered. But, then I realized it isn't about the stuff that is covered, but the way it is presented that makes my post unique. With that in mind, allow me to proceed.

1. Wordpress is awesome!
    Yes, I had the chance to use Wordpress for a year and I must say I went through some serious withdrawals when my year was up and there was no money for another year. Maybe I will go back in the future, I don't know, but I can tell you it was an incredible experience.

2. Blogger is cool too.
    That being said, Wordpress in complicated for the novice and the expert alike. I've been blogging for over half my life and I'm telling you, it was almost like being a mechanic in the ways I had to work with it to do what I wanted it to do. Some days I didn't post but spent over 8 hours tinkering on Wordpress to get it do what I wanted. Exausting!

3. Cheat at it
    What?!?!?!?!?!?! OH NO I DIDN'T! But, oh yes I did. What I mean is, yes, you probably have seen lots of beautiful blogs out there that you want to emulate your design after, but if you are new to design and don't have the money to buy a design from those that make designs for a business... you are going to have to fake it till you make it. I've done an up close photo of a flower and used picmonkey to edit it into a homemade logo. keep your background pure white and for simple then you can ad a pop of edge with lines, or flowers for the feminine touch. There are so many freebie graphics out there that you are welcome to use if you search to find them.

4. Be you, and change if you change,
    Yes I've been blogging for over half my life, but no, it wasn't on the same blog. I had a blog about my dating life fore awhile (hint, if you can write a whole blog on the topic, you are doing it wrong. Haha) I wrote a single parent diary type of blog for awhile. I had a blog just on the topic of making money online... and that sort of led into this blog which is life at the poverty level and making the best of it. Now you see why I'm on Blogger.

5. A domain name is a must. I never really had much in the way of readers until I got a domain name and started just spinning out graphics with my domain name on it to all my socialmedia platforms.

6. Be super addicted to socialmedia.
    People will find you, based on how active you are. These means lots of selfies, videos, posts, and more. I make graphics with my usernames on them with "follow me on: (twitter). 

7. It's okay to go mental
    Soooo many times I've had to just walk away and leave it be. Everything from coding issues to writer's block. Sometimes I gotta just walk away.

8. Content
    If I had listed this in order of importance I would have put first. Content is the base of a blog. Try some blog challenges or writer prompts. 

9. Write for you
    You are your own target audience. That is why you have a voice, no matter how quirky you (and your blog) may be... There is an audience for that.

10. Blog with a friend.
    My real life Bestie and I sometimes get together when we blog. We drink coffee and talk. And of course, work on our respective blogs. Whether you share a blog with your friend, or have separate blogs, working together helps get more done. Unless you hardly see each other... Then you end chatting instead of working.

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