Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What it's Like Living on Less Than $900.00

Let's be honest, at first the budget was more like less than $800.00 and we made that work. I'm going to provide you with both scenarios.

Scenario One:

Income $769.00 a month

$480.00 for rent in an apartment. The struggle was real, but it paid for most utilities and in the Summer I could write off the extra electric bill and get more foodstamp... no shame. Poverty.
$90.00 for the two cellphones. We are always on our smartphones and my company is the best. If you also struggle with Poverty and want smartphones for cheap, go to Cricket phone stores. Tell them Kimberli Lockett sent you and we both get an extra discount. I'm just saying, I've shopped around and I can't find a better deal out there. And if you are attached to your phone, they will swap out sim cards for you so you.
$21.00 spenddown I'm on Disability and Medicaid pays for a lot of my medical expenses. I have them take this directly out of my account, but we still have to be careful and watch for it to be taken out before we decide we have "extra" money to spend.
$40.00 gas. I'm nick pick with my budget so I went to the local gas station and bought a prepaid card, every month I add money to it too keep up the budget.
Everything may seem like fall money, but it isn't. Toiletries to be purchased, medication to be bought. Hubby has a copay for his insurance. And then we get to have some fun. A new book for me, a fancy lighter for Hubby. It changes month to month. Last month we both bought clothes.

Scenario Two:

Income $869.00 lets see, long story short, they were hanging on to $150.00 a month and I didn't have Medicaid, so it was touch and go.

$400.00 to mother-in-law for help around the house.
$400.00 in foodstamps... kind of cancels it out a bit.
$90.00 those phones, I actually make money with my phone.
$40:00 gas for mother-in-law's car so I hubby and I can get our share of Doctor's appointments and dates out of it too.
$21.00 for my Medicaid spenddown, this may change because of the different living situation.
The rest again goes towards medication, Hubby's copay, and other important things that pop up in life. Sometimes we even afford fun stuff. Like next month, I'm getting a new swimsuit, my old one was all ratty and torn up from constant use.

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