Saturday, September 23, 2017

3 Free Online Photo Editors

Recently I logged into and the unthinkable happened. They want me to pay to use it now. Don't get me wrong, I love picmonkey and I will probably end up paying the cost to use it in the future (when my wallet doesn't have 0 dollars in it) But, for now I wanted to share some back up ideas with you.

The above image was made with It works a lot like picmonkey. They have a paid version and a free version. I didn't play around too much with the features because there aren't as many as picmonkey. But it is a great site to quickly make a graphic with for a blog post... see what I just did there!

By the way, the original photo is actually a close up of a pillar at the St. Louis City Museum. It's a fabulous place to play for adults and kids of all ages. Everything is recycled and upcycled in the museum from other places in the city and they have craft stations where they show you how to do some eco art too. I'm just saying, if you are planning a trip near me, you should stop by there.

The above image was made using I didn't like that it took me forever to find the editing portion and when I got there I'd have to say that Microsoft Paint has hooked me up with better images than this does. But, in a pinch this is a handy site. Just don't expect high quality photos.

Finally, the above image was made using I love it! It's just like picmonkey in a lot of ways. I'd even say it's almost easier to use because it wasn't hard to find my picture on the computer after I edited. For anyone that refuses to pay picmonkey or buy Adobe software. In the foreseeable future I think that I'll be using befunky until I get the money together to buy picmonkey.

P.S. For those who need to use their phone to make graphics on the go. I highly recommend the Aviary app. This is great for if you blog from your phone or need personalized graphics for social media posting.

Another good app just for putting words on your graphics is Phonto. It has tons of fonts to make your graphics special.

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