Sunday, September 24, 2017

3 Movies That Make Me Cry Everytime

Everyone likes a movie with so many feels in it that it wells from your soul and pours out your eyes. Hubby didn't get it at first until I found a manlier version of a cry so good movie and he ended up agreeing that sometimes you have to cry to enjoy the ending that much more.
Beauty & The Beast, I was in love with the cartoon and the movie is sooooooo good! Emma Watson is the perfect Belle. I always thought either her or Anna Kendrick would make a good Belle, but Emma Watson clearly was the best choice.

This is a romantic comedy, you know what that means... lots of laughter, tears of delight, tears for the characters and tears of joy when all turns out alright. Amy Adams is one of my favorite actresses in a lot of movies... too many to list here. She is a good singer too, but she doesn't sing in this movie.

Pride & Prejudice One of my favorite books turned into a movie. I always cry when Lizzie reads the letter from Mr. Darcy and again when the scene depicted above happens. Such a great movie!

What movies make you cry?

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