Saturday, September 16, 2017

3 Things I Did Today To Obtain My Dreams

I never thought I'd get around to writing this post because I didn't think I could ever sit down and do 3 whole things to obtain my goals. But, today I've been on FIRE, so I think this an appropriate time to write this post.

  1. Today I posted a Headshot on my blog. Wow! Serious bloggers do this and my micro profile picture was not cutting it. So, I found this picture of me wearing my old glasses and added it. It may be a Selfie, but I like it. CHECK IT OUT! ------->
  2. My state doesn't allow Amazon Associates... I don't know why, it used to, but now it doesn't and I've felt really hobbled by my inability to use Amazon Associates like the greats do. Then I found out Target has a similar program! I signed up today, although I haven't found out if I'm accepted or not. I hope to hear a positive response.
  3. I wrote this post! I have been on a role for the past week and I'm hoping to keep it up as that helps keep my meager page views up. 

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