Friday, September 29, 2017

5 Things I Want To Learn

I have learned to do a lot of stuff I never thought I could do in my life. However, I always want to learn more so I've culled out 5 thing that I want to learn to do.
1) I want to learn Macramé I'm obsessed with all things Hippie and I feel like Macramé falls under that category. So, I want to learn how to do it. I did a small Macramé project where I made some necklaces with a 4 strand braid. I gave them away. But, I'd like to make something like a plant holder or curtain of some sort.

2) I've been knitting since I was 8... and crochet is part of the knitting process. Aside from the chain stitch I haven't learned anymore crochet and I'd love to learn to do it just to have a more rounded use for my HUGE yarn stash.

3) I tried Tie Dye once. My mother (lowercase m intended.) insisted that I let my younger sisters be included. The result was a waste of money and a bunch of t shirts that looked like they had been rolled around in mud. I'd like to give it another try, this time without children underfoot and see if I can make a better go of it.

4) I have a YouTube channel, and I want to make videos for it (right now I just share playlists that I like) but I have no clue how to edit videos for YouTube. I'd like to learn to do that.

5) This blog means the world to me and learning how to do stuff to make it better is important to me. What would make it even better is if I could learn to make money with my blog and have a little side income to at least keep the blog sustainable. Like, earn enough to self host and pay for I just can't seem to figure it out yet. But, I'm working on it.

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