Wednesday, September 13, 2017

50 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. My Husband, gotta list him first, I don't think I could have made it this far without him. He came into my life when a lot of bad stuff was happening to me and just made my life so much better.
  2. My Family. Not so much my bio family. Most of them really through me under the bus when push came to shove. I'm talking about the family I've made with my Husband and the few people we let into out inner circle. The people that make us happy are who we associate with.
  3. My spiritual path makes me happy. I won't follow it if it didn't. Never did make much sense to me to follow a path that puts you down and makes us miserable.
  4. My phone. I know it seems superficial, but I got 50 things to come up with and my phone is a REALLY nice phone. My Husband got it for me after I drug my last phone through 3 years of use and it just really wouldn't go anymore. I use my phone for the social media side of blogging and to keep in touch with the outside world.
  5. My laptop. I try to make money with my laptop... on the side. So, when I'm not blogging I'm using my money making sites to earn a little extra income on the side.
  6. My nieces and nephews. I'm the oldest of 7 children, so I had to wait quite a long time to be an Auntie. I love smothering them with kisses and buying presents when I can. Plus, when I got married, I inherited some extra ones too.
  7. My Kindle. I love to read.
  8. Swimming, my favorite exercise.
  9. Yoga, my second favorite exercise.
  10. Weed, it's not legal in my state yet, but I use it for medical reasons. Honestly the police around here don't even care if they smell it on you. 
  11. Hippie/Crunchy stuff. I like to go organic and healthier options a lot. 
  12. Music. It calms my soul.
  13. Piano. I took 4 years of lessons when I was a teen and I value that portion of my education more than any other education I have.
  14. Video Games, Yeah, I'm a bit of a gamer.
  15. Writing, duh. Haha. I've been a writer since childhood. And blogging is just an extension of that.
  16. A hot shower... these are in no particular order. But, isn't a hot shower to good to the aches and pains at the end of the day.
  17. My Stepson. Fills a void in my life.
  18. Beauty and The Beast... The movie is phenomenal!
  19. Tea, I collect different teas.
  20. Coloring, I'm a child really
  21. Crafts
  22. Beading
  23. Knitting
  24. Embroidery
  25. Counted Cross stitch
  26. Camping, Hubby needs to take me, soon!
  27. Cooking, but not big complicated feasts. Just getting food on the table.
  28. Smoothies. Yum
  29. Cheese Pizza, so it's not good for me... I still love it!
  30. Roses
  31. Presents... oh yes, I'm greedy for gifts!
  32. Marigolds
  33. My marriage. I know I said my Hubby already, but I have to say our marriage makes me pretty happy.
  34. Pinterest... oh how I love Pinterest!
  35. Instagram, love it more than Facebook even!
  36. Photo challenges, whoever invented these is genius! I celebrate every time I finish one.
  37. Shoes, I wear a size 5, so most shoes look amazing on my feet. (boasting a little, sorry!)
  38. Throwing stuff away. I get this from my mom. Something so cleansing about throwing away stuff that just weighs me down.
  39. Halloween! Favorite holiday!
  40. Christmas... second favorite holiday (I like gifts, remember)
  41. My wedding anniversary! It's the day before Halloween
  42. Polyvore, I'm addicted to the app!
  43. Duolingo It's an app that teaches you another language like a video game. I'm learning German. 
  44. Blogging, and not just the posts. I love all the behind the scenes work too.
  45. The Full Moon! 
  46. Taking pictures, I'm not a great photographer or anything, but I do like to take pictures on my phone.
  47. Riding in the car. Okay, I hate driving unless I'm alone in the car and it's in the county. City driving makes me nervous. Thankfully Hubby likes to drive and takes me on tours of our city regularly.
  48. Thrift shopping Oh the finds you can find!
  49. My friend at writing buddies!
  50. Autumn my favorite time of the year!

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