Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Being Homeless: Part Two

When last we talked my Mom was saving my hide from my brother's then fiancé talking him into kicking me to the curb. I had a new place to stay for a whole year! Surely, that's not homeless, right? Well, that isn't the end of the story...

To start with, I only got the couch and the water closet to keep my clothes and other important things in. The closet constantly leaked and ruined clothing and textbooks (I was in college at the time) I ended up buying new clothes from the Goodwill, but I had to lie to my mom and tell her they were old clothes because she didn't want me buying clothes. My sister let me keep a few items in her closet for awhile, but sister relationships can get strained and my clothes were soon back in the water closet again.

In the mean time I was paying my mom well over $2,000.00 a month in rent and she constantly challenged me to find a better deal, but I couldn't because all my money was going to her. She finally let me have a month's worth back to buy a car with. So, many nights I ended up parking across the street and calling my Dad (In Florida) weeping over my circumstances. There was so way out as far as I could see and I was abused every day that I spent there. Accused of uncleanliness and being lazy. Every night I stayed up until the morning hours locked in the bathroom to do mounds of homework. I just did the best I could do.

Finally there was a break. One of my sister's was hanging out with a creep of a guy that would go into our younger sister's room and rifle through her dirty underthings. It disgusted me to know end and finally I had enough and went to choke the man for being pedophile. Only my sister jumped to protect him and I ended up grabbing her throat instead of his. Oops. She called our mother and I found myself homeless again.

Even though Mike and I had been together over a year at this point, he lived with his mom and there really wasn't a chance she would move her son's girlfriend in. So, he helped me find a Homeless shelter. It was in a horrible part of the city so I had to make sure I didn't hang out outside at all. Everyday I drove 2 hours to school for morning classes. Took a nap at Mike's house and then headed back to school for evening classes before making the 2 hour drive back to the shelter. Thankfully this only lasted 3 months.

I finally found an apartment near Mike (same zip code) and even though I didn't have any furnishings, I moved in. It didn't take me long to go dumpster diving for furniture to fill my home. I did buy my mattress set brand new, but I never bought a frame for it. I just set the mattresses on the floor and made up my bed on that. My Granny even had some old rugs and blankets for me to use in my apartment and my mother in law gave me some pots and pans to cook with. Most everything else was pilfered from dumpsters or bought thrift. I vowed never to be homeless again.

Now I am married to my love and we live with his Mom, the threat of homelessness looms if anything were to happen to her, but we have promised each other never to be homeless as long as we live.

Have you ever been homeless or worried about it?

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