Saturday, September 30, 2017

My 5 Favorite Books

To ask a bookworm to name her favorite book is often going to end with both of you frustrated. Sure I have rereadable books, but my favorites are always changing as I read new books. However, I shall try to oblige with my 5 favorite right now. Don't be surprised if this topic gets revisited in the future as my favorite books change.

1) I want to start with fiction today and it's not really one book, but a series that I really like. Indebted By: Pepper Winters I'm not really into books where love comes easy. I like to cry with my characters. I'm not going to delve into what these books are about except that there is an age old debt between two families that ends in death. I'm on book 6 right now so I don't even know if it ends happy yet. I'm afraid to finish the books for fear that it doesn't have a happy ending. I have to have a happy ending. Pepper does an amazing job of adding playlists to the back of her books and I've taken the liberty of creating a Spotify playlist named "Indebted" for anyone that wants to easily listen to all the songs in one place.

2) Next is my Tarot book Learning The Tarot By: Joan Bunning. While I have a knack for reading the cards on a whole the individual meanings of the cards still allude me. So, I like to keep this book on my nightstand. I do readings for people and am pretty accurate. I haven't charged for the service yet because I need the book too much. 

3) While on the topic of spiritual woowoo... The Goddess is in the Details By: Deborah Blake is another book I'm digging right now. Yep, I'm Pagan (don't know if I mentioned that before) but this book shows that being Pagan is not about locking yourself up in your witchy room and lighting candles once or twice a month. It's about how you live every single day that helps you be your best spiritual self.

4) And because I know most of my readers come here for money saving know how instead of fiction must reads or religious books that have nothing to do with their own beliefs (don't you hate that?) I've included Living The Savvy Life By: Melissa Tosetti and Kevin Gibbons I love that this book doesn't focus on constantly denying yourself the good life just to save a buck. Instead she inspires her readers to focus on spending in one area that's important to you (my blog?) and then it becomes easier to find ways to save in all the other areas and she is full of fabulous ideas.

5) My last book is another money saving book. City Chic By: Nina Willdorf Now, you don't have to live in the city to enjoy this book. In fact, I lived in the burbs when I bought it! But, the tips she gives in this book is a goldmine for those of you that literally need to shave all spending you can... and still live a good life! She covers everything from dumpster diving to grocery shopping. Good stuff in that book!

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