Thursday, September 14, 2017

My Personal Style

I originally wanted this post to be a fun dress up post and pictures of me in different outfits. How fun would that be? In the end I decided to tell you about it. And you can check out my for pictures of outfits I like. I even have a Polyvore board filled with my own creations.

Most of my clothes come from thrift stores. Goodwill mostly. I lean towards hippie style. But, I do own some of what Hubby calls "Soccer mom clothes". I collect peasant tops and leggings. Long skirts and maxi dresses... even though I'm short and the clothes make me look shorter.

I wear lots of sandals, but I own a few pairs of boots for fall and winter.

I own two pairs of jeans I have found that's all I need.

Coming up I'm going to have to make a new trip to Goodwill for fall and winter clothes in my size. I can't wait to see what is available.

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