Thursday, September 21, 2017

What's In My Bag?

I've been seeing these posts around and I always liked the idea, but was a little nervous to try it out myself. What will people think?!?!?!?!?! Well, I guess we will find out!

  • Two Ink Pens, One blue, one black. I'm a writer, can't have too many.
  • My phone, which is currently not working, but will be functional again next month. 
  • My marriage certificate. Still newlyweds sorta and have to pull that thing out to prove I'm married all the time, but it is starting to fall apart. We will have to go buy a new one when we are ready to file it.
  • Tons of business cards, and I use them too.
  • My keys
  • Juicy Couture wallet my mom and sister got for me as a college graduation gift.
  • Glasses cleaner with a clothe
  • Two sanitary napkins. Lol, left over from my LEEP procedure ( for those not in the know: The LEEP procedure is what they do when they find cervical cancer and need to cut or burn it out. I've had it done twice now. It's not fun and the healing process feels like it goes on forever.)
  • Burts Bees Wild Cherry lip balm. It's all granulated now. I need a new one. Haha
  • Empty bottle of Hugo Naturals Hand Sanitizer. I plan on refilling it with Witch Hazel when I "get the money"
  • Stray tampons
  • My rescue inhaler
  • Point and shoot camera that I rarely use because my phone has some quality picture taking abilities on it.
  • Folding hair brush for emergencies
  • Bag of Thumb drives (For taking to the library when I want to print stuff)
  • Yellow Cloth napkin so I don't have to use paper napkins on the go.
  • Two vintage hankies so I don't have to use paper tissues on the go.

All of this is packed in a small crossbody bag from Thirty-One. Don't color me impressed yet, though. It's from a consignment shop and it's YEARS old, ratty and falling apart. But, I have to keep it for now. In this city people try to steal purses all the time. Crossbody bags are safer here. I've found a few replacement ideas at local shops, I'm just not totally sold on buying a new purse yet.

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