Okay, so I have to make this page because apparently there are people out there that steal content and take blogs as gospel truth instead of doing proper research. I don't know. Read this for fun, or because you need too. This page is just for legal purposes.

This is my content. I don't copy so I ask that you not copy from me. That simple. If you have any questions email me:

Now for you, I won't take your information for anything. I respect your privacy. I may post giveaways and stuff for you, your information will be respected and protected. I will collect the information from you through email and then delete it when our business is done. Now, if you want to continue communication you gotta let me know. I link to other sites often. Especially my "sister blogger" I don't know the privacy policies on those sites. I'm not responsible for their blogs. This is my blog and I reserve the right to change or move my blog at anytime.

Now for the terms and conditions. On my honor I will try... really, really try... to keep a clean mouth on me when I blog. But, in real life, I don't. So, it might slip through. If you have a potty mouth and comment on a post, I really don't care. I love comments. But, if all you have to say is negative stuff about my humble blog or use the comments as a sales pitch area, I'll have to remove those. Let's stay positive. Also, this is all copyright 2017 by Kimberli Lockett so don't steal my info people. Please. Also if someone does decide to go all negative Nancy in the comments and I haven't gotten around to getting rid of it, please bare with me. I'm working as fast as I can.

Blogging is hard work... at least for me. So, I try to get some compensation from it. Either by free products or money (preferably money, right! Haha) Anyhow, I will label all the posts with affiliate links or product review with a * at the end of the Title. That will let you know that it is something I'm being paid in some way to do. I encourage you to still read those posts as it is still my opinion and written totally by me. Good content... just get paid for it.

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